packaging design
Step 1:
Packaging design
Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP) and Ships in Own Container (SIOC) guidance helps Vendors create fun and compact packaging that uses less material. Review the guidelines below to understand how you should design your packaging.
Designing packaging for Amazon starts with the customer and works backward. Delivering products that customers love starts with packaging designed for online fulfillment that reduces packaging waste while ensuring products arrive to customers undamaged.
Specific design criteria for our three-tiered FFP certification program, which includes: Tier 1 (FFP), and Tier 2 (SIOC): Ready to ship, and Tier 3: Prep-Free Packaging.
Guidelines for flexible SIOC packaging, including testing and certification requirements and examples.
To support the development of packaging for Amazon, the APASS network provides a list of companies and labs that can help test, design, and supply packaging in line with Amazon’s packaging certification guidelines. All companies on this list have received guidance from Amazon and many have worked with manufacturers to achieve packaging solutions that meet our standards.
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