Regular Slotted Container 4

Right-Sized RSC_4_FRANGLE closed.png
Right-Sized RSC_4_FRANGLE closed.png
Right-Sized RSC_4_FRANGLE open.png
Right-Sized RSC_4_RSIDE LANGLE open.png
Right-Sized RSC_4_Cor_BRANGLE.png
Right-Sized RSC_4_Cor_LSIDE.png

Outer packaging material

  • Corrugated

Packaging type description

  • Regular slotted container with custom corrugate insert for easy product removal

Certification type

  • FFP

Best used for

  • Coffee makers
  • Small kitchen appliances
  • Electronics (alarm clocks, smart home devices)

Additional information

  • All packaging components used are curbside recyclable
  • Paper based packaging (no plastic)
  • Top pull insert protects the product and makes it easy to remove
  • Bottom insert protects multiple pieces

Please note that each of these solutions are proven concepts but you must conduct your own testing to confirm viability for your product and packaging materials.