Ships in Product Packaging for FBA
The Ships in Product Packaging (SIPP) program, formerly known as Ships in Own Container (SIOC), offers sellers that use FBA the opportunity to test and qualify products to ship to customers in their own custom-brand packaging without any Amazon-added material. This enables you to provide a better Customer Experience by minimizing the packaging materials used for delivery while also reducing the costs associated with fulfillment and potentially lowering the carbon footprint of outbound shipments.

The program is open for enrollment through Seller Central to all sellers who use FBA and sell into the following marketplaces: United States, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. Enroll today.
FBA Seller Benefits

Participating in the Ships in Product Packaging (SIPP) program allows you to enjoy the following benefits:

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Learn more about the lower FBA fulfillment fees benefit here for US, here for Canada, and here for Europe.

    Get Started
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    Step 1. Review and Design

    To enroll in the program, begin by reviewing your current catalog then evaluate and update your packaging design to meet the Ships in Product Packaging requirements outlined below.

    Flexible Ships in Product Packaging (SIPP)

    Flexible SIPP products are packaged with flexible exterior such as plastic or paper bags, and rigid or padded mailers that are sealed and the packaging material is at least 2 millimeters thick.

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    Rigid Ships in Product Packaging (SIPP)

    Rigid SIPP products are items shipped in rigid, six-sided packaging such as boxes.


    Learn more about Flexible and Rigid SIPP packaging requirements (updated April 2024).

    Step 2. Group Similar ASINs

    Evaluate the ASINs that are eligible to be grouped and certified by a single test report. Eligible products should be grouped based on size, weight, material, packaging, product to packaging ratio, pack quantity with a few exceptions.

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    Learn More about Product Grouping for Ships in Product Packaging.

    Step 3. Test and Evaluate

    To enroll products and qualify for the SIPP program, all packaging must pass physical performance tests through a self-drop test or International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) 6 lab test. Once the packaging has been updated to meet SIPP requirements, test the largest/heaviest ASIN in the group. Amazon has partnered with the ISTA to develop comprehensive test methods for items in both rigid and flexible packaging that simulate the journey of a package through the Amazon fulfillment network.

    Follow steps 3a-3d below if self-testing, OR steps 3a-3b if testing is performed by lab.

    For self-testing rigid packaging, watch this step-by-step video to learn how to test and evaluate your rigid product
    For self-testing flexible packaging, watch this step-by-step video to learn how to test and evaluate your flexible product

    3a. Determine if you can self-test or have an ISTA 6 lab test your packaging

    • Self-test: Applicable if product is non-fragile, and does not contain liquids or sharp items, and is not granular with a diameter <1”
    • ISTA 6 Lab Test: If your product is fragile, OR contains sharp items, OR contains liquids, you cannot self-test. You will need to submit an ISTA-6A lab report from an ISTA-6 lab in Amazon’s APASS network for certification

    3b. Complete the appropriate test

    Self-Test Instructions

    There are 2 main steps to completing the self-test. For flexible packaging, there is an additional step to ensure material strength of the packaging. Pre-test and post-test photos of packaging and item are required for both rigid and flexible packaging. Step 3d provides further instructions on photo requirements.

    self test drops

    Learn more for detailed self-testing instructions.

    Third-Party Lab Testing
    There are multiple third-party labs around the world that can help test your packaging in compliance with Amazon’s Ships in Product Packaging guidelines. Submit an ISTA-6A lab report for certification.

    Recommended Design & Testing Providers
    SPN is a global marketplace that connects Selling Partners to 3rd party service providers vetted by Amazon. You can filter on the Ships in Product Packaging program within SPN to view a list of recommended companies that provide design and testing services in compliance with SIPP certification requirements. Explore provider profiles and directly submit inquiries by clicking “Contact Provider”.
    Other Design & Testing Providers
    The APASS network provides a list of companies and labs that can help test, design, and supply packaging in line with Amazon’s packaging certification guidelines. All companies on this list have received guidance from Amazon and many have worked with manufacturers to achieve packaging solutions that meet our standards.
    In addition to the APASS network, Sellers looking for external testing services to perform the ISTA 6-Amazon SIPP test methods can leverage the Find a Lab search tool located here.

    3c. Evaluate product and packaging after self-testing

    After self-testing is complete, the packaging must pass the below two steps to determine if the product can be certified.

    Seller_Benefits 20240122_Path to SIPP Evaluation.png

    3d. Document results from self-testing

    After the drop test and evaluation is complete, record the post-test images. Five photos of rigid packaging and six photos of flexible packaging are required as follows:


      Step 4. Enroll

      Review the step-by-step guide to enroll through Seller Central here.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Is there a difference between Ships in Product Packaging (SIPP) and Ships in Own Container (SIOC)?

      No, the packaging certification standards for SIPP are the same as SIOC. We have recently rebranded to Ships in Product Packaging (SIPP) to better reflect the program’s objective to selling partners and customers.

      Which marketplaces is the SIPP program available in?

      The SIPP program is available to sellers who use FBA that sell into these seven marketplaces: Canada, United States, and France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

      Are Customers notified that their product will be shipped as Ships in Product Packaging?

      Yes, customers will see a message that indicates that the ASIN can ship in its own packaging during checkout for ASINs that are SIPP certified. When a customer adds a SIPP-certified item from the Amazon website to their shopping cart, they are presented with a concealment option for the majority of products at check-out and they can choose to add Amazon packaging (“Ships in Amazon Packaging”) at no additional cost. Sellers receive incentives for the ASINs that are enrolled and SIPP certified by the seller, regardless of whether the customers choose to add Amazon packaging. Please see this page to learn more about the SIPP customer experience.

      Which of my ASINs are eligible for SIPP? 

      ASINs that fulfill the SIPP requirements and sold in the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom marketplaces are eligible. Once enrollment is available through Seller Central, you will be able to search ASINs you are interested in enrolling to determine their eligibility.

      Will an ASIN enrolled in the SIPP program always be shipped without Amazon-added packaging?

      If a SIPP-certified ASIN is shipped with one or more other items as part of a customer order, it may be placed in an Amazon box, bag or envelope to preserve customer experience and reduce the number of individual packages they receive. Sellers receive incentives for the ASIN that is SIPP certified, regardless of whether it is shipped as a single item or with one or more items.

      How do I enroll an ASIN into SIPP?

      To enroll an ASIN into SIPP, follow the steps outlined in the Get Certified section on our website that include, 1. Reviewing SIPP Guidelines, 2. Grouping similar products, 3. Testing product and product packaging, and 4. Enrolling through Seller Central.

      Do I need to conduct separate testing to certify all variations of the ASIN that is being tested?

      No, you do not need to conduct separate testing for all the variations of an ASIN. You can evaluate the ASINs that are eligible to be grouped and certified by a single test report. Eligible products should be grouped based on size, weight, material, packaging, product to packaging ratio, pack quantity with a few exceptions. Learn more about the guidelines for grouping ASINs here.

      What is the FBA fulfillment fees discount rate that I will receive?

      The discount rate is dependent on the size and weight of the product as used to charge FBA fulfillment fees. You can find the specific discount on the US 2024 FBA Fulfillment Fees page here or the CA 2024 FBA Fulfillment Fees page here.

      Why are some of ASINs already shipping without Amazon-added packaging? 

      In our effort to reduce packaging waste, Amazon’s fulfillment network has a program that utilizes machine learning to identify, test, and then certify SIPP compliant ASINs without sellers needing to take any action. ASINs certified in this way will also qualify for the discounted FBA fulfillment fee when shipped to customers. There is no further action required from sellers to obtain the discounts on already SIPP certified ASINs. ASINs SIPP certified before Feb 5, 2024 will automatically receive the discounted FBA fulfillment fees in CA, US, FR, DE, IT, ES and UK marketplaces starting on Feb 5, 2024.

      How does the SIPP discount apply after I enroll an ASIN?

      When you enroll ASINs that are not currently SIPP certified, you will be asked to provide the certification date in the Seller Central SIPP portal before the request is reviewed by Amazon. The certification date should be chosen based upon the first arrival date of your SIPP compliant product to Amazon Fulfillment Centers. Once your enrollment request has been approved, discounts will apply on units that are received at Amazon Fulfillment Centers after the ASIN certification date you provided. No discounts will apply on units received before the certification date. ASINs SIPP certified before Feb 5, 2024 will automatically receive the discounted FBA fulfillment fees in CA, US, FR, DE, IT, ES and UK marketplaces starting on Feb 5, 2024.

      For SIPP ASINs, are there any changes in the shipping requirements to send products to Amazon?

      No, you will continue to inbound SIPP certified ASINs to Amazon Fulfillment Centers in the same manner as before, while ensuring that their packaging meets the standards specified in the SIPP guidelines.

      Each unit of a SIPP certified product that is inbounded needs to have an exterior scannable label per the labelling guidelines on Seller Central.

      Are SIPP ASINs eligible for the Climate Pledge Friendly (CPF) Badge?

      SIPP is not part of the Climate Pledge Friendly program. In order to be eligible for the Climate Pledge Friendly badge, your ASIN must have one of the qualifying certifications for that program. For more information, please see the CPF program certification page.


      Find applicable packaging solutions from our Packaging Solutions Library.
      For design and testing support, please consult recommended 3rd party design and testing providers from the Amazon Sustainability Service Provider Network (SPN) and Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS).