Enrolling Products

Enroll the products to the program through the SIPP portal on Seller Central. Enrollment must be completed on a region level (NA or EU).

Only ASINs that are buyable through FBA by you will be displayed in the portal. If an ASIN is out of stock or does not have an active FBA listing, it will not be displayed as eligible in the SIPP Seller Central portal.

We will be continuously launching features and optimizing the user interface to improve the seller experience following the February 5th launch - the display may look different when you log in as features roll out.

Coming soon, we will be launching a new interface that will recommend product groups for easy bulk enrollment by you!

See below for step-by-step instructions of how to use the current Seller Central SIPP page

To enroll ASINs, navigate to the “Eligible products” tab

  1. Program information can be found along the top of the page, including the SIPP guidelines, How to create product groups, and How to test packaging and record results
  2. Copy and paste up to 100 ASINs (one per line) into the box on the left to check the current SIPP certification status and eligibility for enrollment (see image below)
    1. ASINs that are Eligible for enrollment will show up in the left tab in the table on the right of the screen
    2. ASINs that are Ineligible for enrollment will show up on the tab to the right in the table on the right of the screen. Potential ineligibility reasons include:
      1. Not in FBA: Not buyable in FBA The product is not actively listed through FBA in the region of the Seller Central account
      2. ASIN is too small for a shipping label The outer packaging is smaller than 6“x 4” x 0.375“
      3. ASIN is classified as hazardous or dangerous goods
        (1) If an item displays as a hazardous item or dangerous good, but the seller disagrees with the classification you can reach out to or your Account Manager
    Input ASIN for eligibility.png

  3. For ASINs that are eligible for enrollment, you can select which ASINs you would like to enroll. You only need to test 1 ASIN out of the group (the heaviest/largest ASIN must be the one tested in order to qualify the entire group).
    1. You input the following test details
      1. Upload the test results
        1. Self test - Flexible/bag: 6 photos are required
        2. Self test - Rigid/box: 5 photos are required
        3. ISTA 6 lab test: 1 PDF test report is required
          Seller_Benefits 20240122_Photo Taking SIPP Requirements.png
      2. Packaging test report: Self test or ISTA 6 lab test
      3. Packaging type: Flexible/bag or Rigid/box
    add detailts to enroll_2.png

  4. You choose the delivery date for the product group. All units inbounded to Amazon after this date must be in SIPP-compliant packaging.
  5. The case is submitted to Amazon’s Packaging Lab to review and approve or reject, this step can take up to 3-4 days. You can see your status and direct communication from the Packaging Lab in your case log in Seller Central. If the certification is approved, a confirmation email will be sent to you.
Viewing Enrolled Products

To track enrolled products and see cost-savings, you can navigate to the “Enrolled products” tab

  1. Enrolled ASINs will be displayed as a product group (which includes all certified variations) and will be classified with the following statuses:

    1. “Approved”: ASINs where an enrollment was submitted by you, but with a planned first arrival date in the future. The Delivery date column includes the planned first arrival date (or future certification date) which was submitted by you and displays the number of days until that date. You need to ensure all inventory inbounded after the Delivery date is SIPP-compliant.
    2. “Certified”: ASINs that have been certified through Amazon or enrolled by you and the certification is live. All inbounded inventory should arrive in SIPP-compliant packaging.

      1. The display will include the certification date, the marketplaces it is certified in, and the per unit fee savings estimate.

        (1) If the per unit fee savings is listed as "$0.00", this item has not had an FBA fulfillment fee transaction in the trailing 12 months. Once the units are fulfilled and charged through FBA, this data will populate based upon the size and weight tier the fee is charged at.

    3. “Decertified”: ASINs which were previously SIPP certified but decertified due to exceeding damage thresholds or for being non-compliant with SIPP guidelines.
Enrolled Products.png